How to Add the It’s Right to Vote Image and Link to Your Email Signature

Regular reminders can increase voting by up to 3%.

It’s easy to add the It’s Right to Vote! image and link to your email signature line to remind everyone you communicate with about the importance of voting.

Different email programs have different ways to do this.

Below is the image with the link included.





If your program allows you to copy and paste into your signature line, put your cursor at (start), hold down the left mouse button and drag it to (stop). You’ll be highlighting the text and the whole image. Copy to your clipboard – Ctrl and C.

Go to your email program’s signature setup page and paste it. Ctrl and V.

Here is the link to our website if you need it.

(  )

Here is text you can add above the image if you want or choose your own words on the importance of voting this year.

Conservatives, Christians, Patriots. Add this image to your facebook groups, websites, newsletters, and email signatures to remind everyone you care about that It’s Right to Vote.

Link it to https:/

It takes them to a website that helps them with voting deadlines, registering to vote, requesting a valid absentee ballot, learning early voting times and locations, and receiving voting reminders, so everyone you know can exercise their Right to Vote in November!


Here are some links to help…

For Yahoo

For Outlook

For Gmail

In Google, search for “how to add a signature line in” and pick your program.


If you still can’t figure it out, send an email to

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