Get Out the Vote!

The problem is that the Left is determined to win at any cost, using any means necessary, including massive voter fraud and disinformation campaigns. We not only need to win the fair election, we need to win by enough of a margin to counter Democrat voter fraud, AND we need to win in enough states so that the election doesn’t hinge on a few small states doing recounts for months!

Encourage family, friends, Christians and fellow patriots to register to vote and remind them to vote early or give them a ride on Election Day. Click “Select Your State” to get started.

Share your video stories about why you think voting is important or your testimonial about how you or a loved one was fooled by the utopian claims made in socialist countries.

Here’s more information on how to talk with family, friends and neighbors about voting.

Remind everyone you connect with to vote by placing the It’s Right to Vote icon on your websites, facebook pages and groups, all newsletters you publish, and on the signature line of your email page with the link to Regular voting reminders can boost turnout by as much as 3%! Need help? Here’s a help page.

Want to help in other ways?

Volunteer or make a donation here.

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