Socialism or Freedom?

Socialism or Freedom?

By Michael J. Lewinski – 08/29/20

The Democratic Socialist agenda is the antithesis of President Trump’s second-term American agenda. Whereas Trump will create 10 million jobs in 10 months, Biden will destroy 5.5 million jobs. Whereas Trump will create 1 million new small businesses, Biden will destroy businesses. Biden will burden workers with new taxes; President Trump will cut taxes to boost take-home pay and keep jobs in America.

China Joe will not protect American jobs; President Trump will. Joe Biden will not expand opportunity zones; Trump will do so. President Trump will continue deregulating the economy; sleepy Joe will bring back damaging regulations.

Whereas President Trump will not allow contracts from the Federal Government to go to companies outsourcing to China, that would be fine with VP Biden. Joe will not allow President Trump’s planned 100% expensing deductions for essential industries like pharmaceuticals and robotics which bring back their manufacturing to the United States. President Trump will end our reliance on China. This is a much different future from what the Socialists have planned for America.

President Trump supports school choice for every child in America. He wants our schools to teach American exceptionalism. Joe Biden will have nothing to do with that agenda. He does not respect the rights of parents. He chooses to support public schools that are failing children.

President Trump promises to continue draining the swamp by pushing for term limits and end bureaucratic government’s bullying of U.S. citizens and businesses. He’s going to also drain the global swamp. Biden is not going to drain the swamp he has occupied for 50 years.

In his second term, Trump will fully fund and hire more police and law enforcement officers. Unlike the Virginia legislature which is going to decriminalize assaults on police, the President will increase criminal penalties for such assaults. He will bring violent extremist domestic terrorist groups like ANTIFA to justice. Puppet Joe and his Democratic Socialists allies will defund and undermine law enforcement.

You choose! Do you want a Socialist country or a free America?

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