Liberty and Freedom: The Cost of Losing the Covid Conflict

Liberty and Freedom: The Cost of Losing the Covid Conflict

By Jim Harrison – 9/14/20

At a Wisconsin rally this past Labor day, the Vice President of the United States all but guaranteed that the U.S. government will eradicate Covid 19 with a vaccine. This declaration was preceded several weeks earlier by a CDC official urging states to prepare for mass vaccine injections starting in less than 60 days! Did I mention that the federal taxpayer has been footing a multi-billion dollar investment partnering with private pharmaceutical companies for Covid 19 vaccine research?

So when the vaccine becomes available and I suspect rather soon, what might that mean to your freedoms and liberties? Specifically, what does that mean with regard to your freedom of choice when it comes to just your healthcare? Will it affect other liberties as well? Perhaps it would be best to continue with a logical question. When it comes to the Covid vaccine, how many of you really think that it will not be mandatory for every American? Remember the Vice President of the US just told you that his administration plans on eradicating Covid 19 and with what – an inventive new mask, herd immunity or perhaps a mandatory 6-foot separation for all Americans? NO! He just told you that he will do it with a vaccine which brings about the obvious question.

How can this new vaccine do its job if everyone doesn’t take it?  Eradicate means “to remove or destroy utterly,” for example, to eradicate smallpox throughout the world.”  For those who still think the eradicator (aka vaccine) will not be mandatory, I pray you soon learn to use your head for something other than a mask holder.

The government can’t pass a law like that, It’s unconstitutional. Perhaps you are right, but think about this please. Without a national, state or local law on the books how many of you have been refused service or goods because you simply would not wear a mask? How many of you have been chastised, harassed, discriminated against or chased down by a business owner and had a mask shoved in your face? Again, this is without a law having ever been passed.

In Ohio, we have an aggressive governor who shut down businesses, churches, schools and in essence good portions of the entire state using fear, innuendo, the drive-by media and not the constitution. This is a public servant who had no problem pitting family members, neighbors or friends against one another while separating everyone in Ohio from their freedoms.  It should be noted that Mike DeWine is not a king, nor is he the head of the church in Ohio . . . that is the job of Jesus. He is also not the sole father in all Ohio families nor is he the CEO of every business. He is in fact, a constitutional servant and not the master –  that is our job – we the people. He and other elected leaders need to be reminded of that, and now is the time!

Folks, the upcoming supposed vaccine will likely be mandatory with or without a law. The only question that remains is whether you would like to have a choice in this matter? There is a way to stop this insanity, but we the people must take charge of our public servants and the time to do so is now, not later.

For example, there are national groups of patriots forming that are starting a movement to secure your rights and freedoms when it comes to this upcoming vaccine crisis.  The one I am currently working with is called Friends of Liberty United and there are others. If you don’t like what others are doing or how they are doing it, then feel free to form your own action group.

Please, if you value your liberties, or for that matter, mine, and want to start taking back your government, then let’s start by telling  Vice President Pence, Bill Gates and  Big Pharma that the buck stops at we the people. This is also not something we should wait until the election to see what happens. The time to act is now and through the election. And, by the way, if the vaccine is harmful or does not work, the pharmacy trade has been given complete immunity from any lawsuits related to this hastily developed vaccine. That alone should tell you something.

Many believe that the final nail in our moral coffin was driven home in the Obergefell v. Hodges Case decided in 2015 — a Supreme Court decision which created the notion that a natural marriage sacrament no longer exists solely between a biological born man and woman. We lost that case because the church did not bother to show up in force. Now the battle remains for what is left of our liberties and freedoms and that battle is being fought as we speak on the Covid battlefield.

We, the church failed with marriage and morals, so now we must show up to battle for what is left of our freedoms and liberties. And brothers and sisters make no mistake about it; this is not about a vaccine or a mysterious pandemic.  This is about a choice. We can keep our ability to make decision for ourselves or turn what is left of our sovereignty over to the state signaling the end of our freedoms and the beginning of our national slavery. Give it what names you will, Marxism, Communism or Socialism, but in the end it all boils down to having given up our freedoms and liberties.

Here’s what I know for sure. When we show up we win. I have been there and done that. However, if we continue to remain silent then we are not only assured of losing but we certainly would owe a sincere apology to not only King George but most assuredly to our King Jesus and of course . . . our children. Amen?


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