Now that voting is over, concerns have been raised that election results might have been altered through fraud.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, we must protect our right to vote, because without it, our elections will be determined by those with the best cheating techniques, not the best candidates.

There are various methods being alleged, but one technique is to submit false absentee ballots in key swing states using the names of deceased persons.

Operatives are also reported to be going to nursing homes and filling out absentee ballots for people with dementia who are not competent to vote.

They are also requesting and submitting absentee ballots on behalf of people who have a history of NOT voting or people who have moved to a address or a new state. This information is easy to obtain and is a favorite trick of fraudsters.

Teams of concerned citizens are going through voter rolls one by one to find evidence of deceased people who have risen from the dead to vote, but they have no way to check for people in nursing homes or to check for historically non-voting people.

You can take a minute to confirm or deny these allegations and help restore confidence in our election process. Please check your own voting records and those of family members who could not have voted and report any fraud you see.

Here is a direct link to the website where you can provide your information, look up your vote and report any fraud you find to their legal team.




Voting is essential. America is a democratic republic, not a pure democracy. This ensures rights for the minority and prevents mob rule.

Voting this year is even more important because our entire way of life is under attack, both socially and politically.

In the past, both political parties believed in finding common ground on what’s good for all of our citizens, now the Left is determined to force their agenda on all Americans regardless of their views or rights.

They have openly announced they will end the Senate filibuster, “pack” the Supreme Court with extra liberal judges, add four liberal members to the Senate by giving statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, legalize all aliens and give them the right to vote, and permanently end fair elections by mandating mail-in voting with zero security safeguards.


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